• All grievances shall be reported via myTPSA.
  • The Executive Board will conduct a hearing once an allegation has been received. 
  • The Executive Board will notify the alleged party of the allegation and request a written response with a set deadline. 
  • The Executive Board will review the response from the alleged party, make a decision and notify all involved parties.

This process will be used for all grievances. Grievances that do not follow this process will not be heard. Due to the time-sensitive nature of grievances at regional and state competitions, deadlines will be posted at the competition event. Competition grievances that do not follow this process and the posted time limits at the event will not be heard.

How to Submit a Grievance

  1. Login to myTPSA
  2. Go to Conferences > Grievances
    • This will list all the grievances made by your chapter.
    • You will be able to review the response from TPSA Staff in myTPSA
  3. Create a Grievance
    • Scr 20230205 Stn
  4. Fill out the Grievance information
    • Submitter: Who is making the complaint?
    • Conference: What conference is this taking place?
    • Description: Complete narrative of the dispute
    • Relevant Parties: Members in your chapter involved in this grievance
    • Scr 20230205 Suv
  5. Submit the Grievance
    • Scr 20230205 Svb
  6. You can view the grievance status by opening it from the list. A Board Member should contact you soon after submitting the grievance.
    • Scr 20230205 Sy6


Updated onFebruary 6th, 2023


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