Student Leadership

The purpose of the TPSA State student board is to carry out TPSA's Mission Statement. To allow students to develop leadership skills by organizing and carrying out region-wide service projects (spring), giving student input on all TPSA matters, helping the board of directors carry out their duties (assisting with newsletters, social media, etc.), and assisting/support the regional representative at region and state competitions; and course any other various requirements as we move forward with the year.

What will you do?

  • You will attend monthly virtual video meetings (can only miss one) to discuss any business items arising from the Executive Council meetings.
  • Attend & Help your region at the regional competition (organize the events, help when needed, take pictures, etc.)
  • Attend & Help at the state competition (setting up, facilitating groups/meetings, etc.) – Be there early at State; the first half day.
  • Develop and facilitate a region-wide service project for ALL CTSOs to be a part of


  • Your chapter must be current with TPSA
  • Be a Sophomore/Junior/Senior
  • Have a B avg. in all classes (Maintain grade eligibility in all courses)
  • Recommendation letter (one from your CTSO advisor or one from a core teacher)
  • Attendance and Discipline verification record from your Assistant Principal (see the Assistant Principal Link below under the Application section).
  • Have a CTSO Letter of Support from your CTSO Advisor (see the CTSO Advisor Letter of Support link below)
  • Have the time to participate on the TPSA State Student Board, and attend Regional Competition and State Competition.
  • You will run for either the Student President or a Student Region (1-8) Representative. The Student President will be voted on by all TPSA members in good standing and the Student Region Rep's will be voted on by each region that they represent.


  • Your regional and state competition fee will be waived
  • Your school's CTSO will pay for hotel room and meal expenses; TPSA will not cover hotel/meal/travel expenses to Regional/State conferences
  • A meal provided to you at the state conference (courtesy of TPSA)


Students will upload all the below documents on the Application Form. Students must sign in with a Google Account to complete the form and save progress.

  • Choose to run for either Student President or Student Regional (1-8) Representative.
  • A 2-4 min video – "selling yourself on why you want to be a regional representative." Please include any leadership roles you have had or currently have, any activities, any projects/events you have organized for your CTSO, etc.
  • Your current unofficial transcript.
  • Your 2 letters of recommendation (one from your CTSO advisor and one from a core teacher)
  • A letter of support from your CTSO Advisor
  • Assistant Principal Form


  • Sep 1 - Student Board Application goes live for Students to complete
  • Oct 1 11:59pm - Student Board Application Closes
  • Oct 2 - Student Board Information Viewable
  • Oct 4 - Voting Opens for Voting Delegates
  • Oct 13 - Voting Closes for Voting Delegates
  • Oct 16 – We will send out the results
  • October - Student Board Google Meet

Latest News

Competitive Events Update

Competitive Events Update

28 days ago

TPSA Advisors, I hope that you have had a successful start to the 23-24 school year. I wanted to take a moment to update you on the progress our leadership team has been making in updating various aspects of our organization. One key area of our focus has been ensuring that our competitive events provide the best possible experience for our students. To demonstrate our commitment to excellence, all competitive events have been intensively reviewed. As you read through our event offerings, you will notice that some events, such as Team Fire Agility, Foot Pursuit, Job Interview, Fiber Analysis, and Crash Investigation, are no longer available. Some of these events will be back next competition season after an intensive overhaul, some have been melded into other events, and some will not return. With the sunsetting of events, it became apparent that we needed to create new events to fill the gap. We are excited to announce the addition of Parliamentary Procedure, Hair Analysis, Fire Press Conference, and Job Exhibit. In addition to updating our event offerings, all scoring rubrics have been rewritten. By updating the rubrics, we aim to align them with the most current industry standards and provide clearer guidance to participants. This will enable our students to gain a deeper understanding of the skills and knowledge required for success in the public safety sector. I am pleased to present a new scoring system for the rubrics. Each rubric now totals 100 points. This provides a standardized measure for evaluation and comparison across various competitions. The state advancement criterion has also been revised. Starting this year, only those competitors who score at least 60 points and place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd at their Regional Conference will be eligible to advance to the state-level competition. This threshold ensures that participants showcase a solid foundational understanding of the subject matter and have the necessary skills to excel further in their public safety journey. As advisors and key stakeholders, we invite you to review the updated rubrics. Your valuable input and suggestions are crucial in ensuring that the rubrics are comprehensive, fair, and effectively measure the skills and abilities of our talented participants. We welcome any feedback or revisions that you believe would enhance the rubrics' clarity, accuracy, or relevance to real-world scenarios and industry expectations. Should you have any questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team or me via email at [email protected]. We will be more than happy to assist you. We kindly ask that any suggested revisions or comments be submitted no later than September 15th, 2023 to allow us sufficient time for thorough consideration and implementation. Your input will play a vital role in bolstering the quality of our competitions and providing an enriching experience for our students. After the posted deadline, no changes will be made to the rubrics, and the event scoring guidelines will be finalized. Thank you for your continuous support and dedication to TPSA's mission of preparing the next generation of public safety professionals. Your guidance and expertise are deeply valued, and we look forward to your contributions toward achieving excellence. Sincerely, Kira Hassler Newsom Executive Director Competitive Events for 2023-2024 Correctional Services | Name | Type | Event Code | Guidelines/Scorecard | | :--------------------------------- | :---------------- | :--------- | :------------------- | | Correctional Institute Design | Prepared | CPCD | Download | | Inmate Processing | Roleplay | CRIP | Download | | Cell Extraction | Roleplay | CRCE | Download | Fire Services | Name | Type | Event Code | Guidelines/Scorecard | | :--------------------------------- | :---------------- | :--------- | :------------------- | | Press Conference | Prepared | FPPC | Download | | First Responder | Roleplay | FRFR | Coming Soon | | Agility Course | Skills Assessment | FSAC | Download | | Search and Rescue | Skills Assessment | FSRR | Download | Forensic Science | Name | Type | Event Code | Guidelines/Scorecard | | :--------------------------------- | :---------------- | :--------- | :------------------- | | Crime Scene Investigation | Roleplay | SRCS | Download | | Anthropology | Skills Assessment | SSAN | Download | | Hair Analysis | Skills Assessment | SSHA | Download | | Bloodstain Pattern Analysis | Skills Assessment | SSBS | Download | | Fingerprint Collection and Analysis | Skills Assessment | SSFC | Download | Law Enforcement | Name | Type | Event Code | Guidelines/Scorecard | | :--------------------------------- | :---------------- | :--------- | :------------------- | | Job Exhibit | Prepared | XPJE | Download | | Building Search | Roleplay | LRBS | Download | | Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) | Roleplay | LRSW | Download | | Disturbance Call | Roleplay | LRDC | Download | | Felony Traffic Stop | Roleplay | LRFT | Download | | Traffic Stop | Roleplay | LRTS | Download | | 911 Call Taking | Roleplay | LRCT | Download | | DWI Traffic Stop | Roleplay | LRDI | Download | | Report Writing | Skills Assessment | LSRW | Download | | Agility Course | Skills Assessment | LSAC | Download | Legal Studies | Name | Type | Event Code | Guidelines/Scorecard | | :--------------------------------- | :---------------- | :--------- | :------------------- | | Qualifying an Expert Witness | Prepared | JPQE | Download | | Closing Argument | Prepared | JPCA | Download | | Opening Statement | Prepared | JPOS | Download | | Parliamentary Procedure | Roleplay | JRPP | Download |

Student Board Application

Student Board Application

32 days ago

Image Do you want to become more of a leader within your Career and Technical Student Organization? Do you want to become more involved with TPSA? Do you want to have input and help govern the fastest growing Student Law Enforcement Association? Well, then YOU should apply to be on the TPSA Student Board. Do you want to add Leadership to your resume for colleges, scholarships or jobs? Then become a member of the TPSA Student Board.... Interested?.... We would like ONE student per region 😊 Image Apply Here Applications are due Friday, September 22, 2023 at 11:59pm Elections open Sep 25, 2023 and close Oct 6, 2023. October 10, 2023 Results Posted First Meeting TBD during the third week of October 2023. All questions regarding the TPSA student board should be directed to Roya Dinbali, [email protected]


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