Electronic Devices

The purpose of the TPSA Electronic Device Policy is to establish the rules and conditions that Competitors, Advisors, and any individual associated with the managing or execution of competitive events must accept in order to participate in events sanctioned by the Texas Public Safety Association. Electronic devices are defined as cell phones and smart/electronic devices of any kind, including anything that can be used to record, transmit, or receive anything that may enable a competitor to gain an unfair advantage. This includes but is not limited to; phones, cameras, body cameras, smart watches, fitness trackers, gps trackers, drones, nanotech, etc. Please note that the Executive Board reserves the right to add additional restrictions at competitions and events, these restrictions will be clearly marked with signs, tapes, barriers, etc.

Devices Are Permitted When

  • Competitors, Advisors, and any individual associated with the managing or execution of competitive events are located within the boundaries of the general event holding area. (E.G.: Large Gym, Cafeteria, Flex Area, or any other space designated as the general event holding area)
  • Used as a timing device by an event manager, moderator, or judge in the absence of a stopwatch or digital/ manual timer.

Devices Are Strictly Prohibited When

  • Competitors, Advisors, and any individual associated with the managing or execution of competitive events (excluding Regional Representatives and Executive Board members) are outside of the general event holding area. (E.G. Competition/ Testing Rooms, Hallways, Restrooms, Parking Lots where a competition event is visible, etc.)

Storing / Sharing of Electronic Data

  • Digital Cameras utilized by competitors during their designated event time to complete the requirements of the event, must clear their memory cards of any images documenting the event prior to their exit from the event area. It is the responsibility of the competitor to remove the images and notify the judge upon completion. Cameras are only permitted in events that specifically require the use of a camera in the event equipment/materials. Cellphones, tablets, or smartwatches may not be used as a camera or calculator in a competitive event.
  • While electronic devices are permitted within the general event holding areas, privacy must be respected. It is highly suggested to obtain permission from those included in photographs/videos prior to dissemination on any electronic platform.  
  • Sounds produced via electronic devices must be kept to a minimum. Broadcasting of music, videos, or any other disruptive material is strictly prohibited unless approved by a TPSA Board Member.

Violations of the aforementioned policies shall result in review by the TPSA Executive Board in accordance with the Bylaw Grievance Process. Board decisions are final and cannot be appealed. Violations of the Electronic Device Policy may be reported by any individual to the Executive Board.


Updated onFebruary 1st, 2023


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