Dress Code

The Texas Public Safety Association has set these minimum dress requirements. Failure to follow the dress policy outlined in the event's guidelines and defined here will result in the team/competitor forfeiting the competition (disqualified).

  • All competitors must have naturally occurring hair color. Long hair must be pulled back, in a bun and a natural colored hair band, rubber band, or off the collar for all tactical & Forensic events. For all competitors that are competing in Court/General Pathway Events, hair can be your choice but must be neat and professional.
  • Make-up should be minimal and conservative (daytime makeup)
  • No visible facial tattoos, tattoos depicting illegal activities, or tattoos depicting anything sexual, racial, or biased¬†
  • No perfumes or body sprays
  • Single solid color nail polish only; no embellishments such as glitter etc. Nails must not extend more than 5mm past the tip of the finger to not interfere with the competitor or equipment used during the events.
  • Keep hair and jewelry simple (i.e., single studs for earrings); remove all other jewelry and piercings (i.e., nose rings, more than 1 earring per ear, etc.). All earrings must be studs. Any extra piercings must be covered with band-aids or be clear studs.
  • If gloves are worn, the nails must still meet all requirements above for length and color.

Uniformed Law Enforcement

This Dress Code is notated, "Competitors shall wear a uniform consistent with current standards in law enforcement patrol." within the event guidelines. Some events will have specific equipment notated, such as a duty belt; those definitions are below.

  • All Competitors in a team event requiring uniformed law enforcement shall wear matching shirts (T-Shirts are acceptable; however, all members must be in the same shirt) and colored pants. Due to size and manufacturing differences, the pants' colors must only match.
  • Competitors may wear all-black shoes or boots. Shoes with decorative designs (i.e., Nike swish) must be subdued. Any additional colors must be in an all-black format.
  • If Vests are worn in a team event, all team members must wear a vest. Exact matching is not required due to size and construction. However, all vests must be the same color for the entire team.

Duty Belt

  • Handcuffs (and holder)
  • Training Firearm (and holder)
  • Additional equipment may include a flashlight, training taser, OC spray, radios (Radios must be non-functioning), etc. All members are not required to have matching equipment.

Business Professional

Per the TPSA Non-Discrimination policy, the following minimum requirements must be met by all competitors required to wear business professional dress.

  • Dress Pants or Skirt that extends to or past the knee
  • Pressed, collared shirt
  • If a tie is worn, it must either be solid, stripe, or simple pattern
  • Dress shoes with dress socks; or closed-toe heels/pumps/flats (No platform shoes or heels greater than 2.5 inches)
  • Suit Jacket/Sports Coat
  • Light briefcase or portfolio case


Updated onFebruary 1st, 2023


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