Attendance Policy

  • Competitors can compete in up to 2 competitive events per conference.

Substitution Policy

TPSA has enacted an emergency substitution policy to accommodate extraneous situations for students on team events needing to be swapped out before the competition.

  • Substitutions may only occur for emergencies up to five days before the competition. After the 5-day deadline has passed, substitutions can not be made, and the competitor must forfeit the event (teams may still be able to compete, see the Team Drop Policy).
  • Substitutes must be active paid members of TPSA.
  • Substitutions must be approved by the Executive Board
  • Substitutions must be emergencies, grades are not a valid emergency.
  • Substitutions can not be made for individual events

State Competition

  • No more than 50% of any team may be substituted for State Competition.
  • The substitutes must have attended and competed at a regional competition, not in the same event.
  • Only emergency substitution requests will be considered after the close of registration.

Drop Policy

  • Any team of 4 or more students may compete with one less than the required number of team members; however, no more than a one-member deficit is allowed.
  • Teams composed of 3 or fewer members will forfeit the opportunity to compete in a particular event if a member is removed for any reason other than an emergency substitution.
  • No team can compete with a deficit greater than 1 regardless of the reason.


Updated onFebruary 1st, 2023


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