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State Fiber Results

403 days ago
  • Announcement

I would like to start off by thanking you for your patience as you awaited a decision to be made regarding the results of the 2023 State Fiber Analysis competition. Unfortunately, after extensive deliberation, by the Board of Directors and the Executive Council, it has been decided that the scores will be scratched for this event. It is unethical for us to release scores that penalize some and not others for the same mistakes and/or policy violations. No awards will be given for this event. Please know that this decision was not made in haste. All voting parties reviewed scorecards, grievances, and any relevant information available before casting their votes. It has been decided that participating teams will still receive a scorecard with the judge's comments; however, no points will be visible. Each scorecard will indicate that the team received a disqualification for the event, as this is the only way to release comments included on the scorecards without points visible. 

I understand that this decision will not be accepted favorably by some and that it is incredibly frustrating to receive this kind of news after your students worked so hard to prepare for this event. Please remember that every team that competes works hard in their own way to prepare and demonstrate their skills at the state level. We must honor their hard work by ensuring that the scoring is correct and awards are distributed appropriately. If your students competed in this event and you have specific questions that you would like answered please email [email protected] .


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