Student ID Reminders

For State Conference Check-In
218 days ago
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Remember that all competitors must present a valid, original, current photo ID issued by a city, state or federal government agency, or by the competitor's school, in order to check-in at the state conference manager table and be admitted to conference events. A few notes:

  • School IDs must be for the 22-23 academic year and in a hard plastic card
  • First and last name on any ID presented must match TPSA event registration
  • The photo must be current and recognizable
  • Government-issued passports are accepted

If the competitor does not have an ID as listed above, a TPSA Competitor Identification Form can be completed for use at state conference check-in or their TPSA Membership Card. To use the membership card, the competitor should upload their photograph (headshot) to their myTPSA profile.

Then, the competitor's advisor can print the competitor’s TPSA ID form by clicking the “PDF of All Membership Cards” button at the top on the “chapter” page of the myTPSA membership system. Printed photo ID membership cards may be used for identification at state conference check-in.


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