Special Requests

Special requests are used to request certain manual changes like Correcting Names, Correcting Date of Births, Combining Invoices, Dropping Member(s) from Invoice(s). You can create one and track its progress in myTPSA. Chapter Advisors can see all the requests for their chapter regardless of which advisor created it.

Please ensure in your request you explain WHY and WHAT your request is in FULL DETAIL. For example if it is a name change, explain why the name is changing (misspelled it, official name change, etc).

  • We will only process name changes for members who are the same person, we will not change names of members to other people. Ex. John Smith will not be changed to Mary Sue, as they are two different people. You would need to add a new member.
  • If you are dropping someone from an invoice, explain why they are dropping. We do not arbitrarily remove people from invoices after it has left the quote stage.

You will receive emails when the status of your request changes, you can view the staff response by logging in and viewing the request.

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Updated onNovember 3rd, 2022


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