How to Register

The conference registration system is separate from myTPSA. Use this guide to navigate the registration process.

  1. Find your login in myTPSA under chapter info.
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  2. Open the registration site by visiting https://tpsa.info/conferences, finding your conference and clicking the registration site button.
  3. Click conference registration on the left-hand side to log in.
  4. If you are logging on for the first time, you will see a verification screen to complete, all of the information should already by completed. Agree to the policies and continue.
    • Do NOT change any information on the verification screen. It is overwritten by the membership system every night. Contact the helpdesk if there are errors.
  5. Add your students to your conference by clicking Add Students. Add advisors under Add Advisors and all other Attendees under Guest/Other.
  6. Leave the search boxes blank, and click search. It will list your students.
  7. Please confirm their status for attending. GRADE AND GENDER are NO LONGER options in the Conference System. This screenshot is not up to date.
  8. Submit and Return to Conference Registration Home, clicked Edit/Add Events to register students for events.
  9. Choose Events for Student, reminder MAX two events per student.
  10. Submit registration and submit payment to TPSA to finalize your registration.

Updated onNovember 8th, 2022


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