Executive Council

The duties of the Executive Council Members are as follows:

  • The President shall preside over all TPSA business meetings. The President is responsible for coordinating with the Board of Directors to ensure the Mission and Purpose of TPSA are carried out. If a vote is tied, the President's vote will count twice. 
  • The Vice President of Leadership shall work directly with the Vice President of Regional Representatives to fulfill the role of the President during the President's absence. Directly responsible for the election (annually) and monthly meetings of the Student Board President and Student Board Regional Representatives. Responsible for maintaining up-to-date Student Board bylaws. Will work directly with the Leadership Conference Coordinator to ensure that all leadership conferences are planned and carried out per the TPSA mission and vision. 
  • The Vice President of Regions shall partner with the Vice President of Leadership to fulfill the roles of the President during the President's absence. The Vice President of Regions is responsible for the election and monthly meetings of the Regional Representatives. Will work directly with the Regional Representatives to ensure that all Regional competitions are planned and carried out per the TPSA mission and vision.
  • The Secretary will act as the Public Information Officer. Will record meeting minutes of all TPSA business meetings per TPSA guidelines. Will disseminate all TPSA official communications. Will work directly with Regional Representatives for further distribution of information.Will oversee Social Media Coordinator and all social media accounts, Judge and Volunteer Coordinator activities, and Membership and Recruitment Coordinator activities.  
  • The Treasurer will maintain TPSA financial accounts per policies the Chief Financial Officer set forth and as required by Federal and State reporting regulations. The Treasurer will ensure the organization complies with Federal and State laws of operation. Will work directly with the CFO to create a yearly budget. The Treasurer will provide monthly financial reports at business meetings, including expenditures and deposits. Will invoice and collect membership dues, leadership conference fees, and competition registration fees at the regional and state level. Will oversee awards, scholarships, and corporate sponsorships. Will oversee logistics, inventory acquisition and management.


Updated onSeptember 1st, 2022


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TPSA is committed to creating and maintaining a healthy and respectful environment for all of our members. Our philosophy is to ensure all members, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status are treated equally and respectfully. Any behavior in the form of discrimination, harassment, or bullying will not be tolerated. It is the responsibility of all members to uphold and contribute to this climate.