Article 1: Name

This organization shall be named the "Texas Public Safety Association" and is abbreviated as TPSA.

Article 2: Address

The official address of the Texas Public Safety Association will be established by the incoming Treasurer biennially and shall be a post office box within a reasonable distance of the Treasurer. The Post Office box address shall be published on the official TPSA website within 30 days.

Article 3: Mission Statement

The mission of TPSA is to promote knowledge, skills, leadership, and student growth within the Law and Public Service (LPS) pathway. TPSA will accomplish this through real-world experiences, career preparation, leadership opportunities and competitions.

Article 4: Nondiscrimination Statement

It is the policy of TPSA not to discriminate based on race, color, national origin, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, and gender identity) or handicap in its membership and activities. The Executive Director will serve as the person designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies. TPSA follows the United States Department of Education's policy guidance materials related to Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, as found on their website.

Article 5: Purpose

The purpose of TPSA is to extend learning beyond the classroom for teachers/advisors and students. TPSA is a co-curricular non-profit student organization across the state of Texas. TPSA focuses on expanding the knowledge of current students participating in LPS local Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO). The students participating in TPSA must be enrolled in the 8th-12th grades of a Texas public, private or charter school that offers courses within the Texas Education Agency's (TEA) LPS Pathway and be a member of TPSA.

Article 6: Financial Management

Section 1: Assets, Funds, and Records

As a non-profit organization, all funds and assets belonging to TPSA shall not be used for personal gain by any member. The Treasurer shall maintain all financials of TPSA, and the Chief Financial Officer will oversee financials. The Executive Council Members shall approve payment for services provided to TPSA, including but not limited to: competition expenses, technology expenses, equipment expenses and maintenance and storage fees. All expenditures must be approved per TPSA policy. 

Section 2: Donations

The organization may solicit donations and accept money to assist with its mission and purpose. Use of the TPSA name to solicit donations or money shall be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval before solicitation.

Section 3: Dissolution

Upon the dissolution of this organization, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or shall be distributed to the federal government, or a state or local government, for a public purpose.

Article 7: Organizational Structure

A visual representation of the organizational structure can be found at https://tpsa.info/orgchart.

Section 1: Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall be comprised of the Executive Director (CEO), Financial Director (CFO), and Information Technology Director (CTO).    

Section 2: Executive Council

The Executive Council Members shall be comprised of the President, Vice President of Regions, Vice President of Leadership, Treasurer, and Secretary. Executive Council Members shall be elected biennially in even-numbered years during a general business meeting at State Competition. New Executive Council members will take office at the conclusion of the State Competition, pending reconciliation of unfinished official business.

Section 3: Regional Representatives

Each region will have an Advisor Regional Representative who will oversee and represent the region as well as serve as a liaison of the Executive Council. Regional Representatives will be elected biennially in odd-numbered years during a general business meeting at State Competition. New Regional Representatives will take office at the conclusion of the State Competition.

Section 4: Organization Staff

Organization staff shall be appointed or removed by the Executive Council President with prior confirmation by the Board of Directors. Staff shall be governed by personnel policies established by the Board of Directors.

Section 5: General Business Meetings

General Business Meetings of TPSA membership shall occur as needed. The date(s), time and location shall be published 30 days before the meeting. A quorum for a meeting of the members shall consist of at least twenty percent (20)% of the active chapters. All issues to be voted on shall be decided by a simple majority of active chapters present at the meeting in which the vote takes place. Each active chapter shall have one vote cast by a voting delegate. Chapters not present at the General Business Meeting may cast an absentee ballot in coordination with the Executive Council Secretary.

Article 8: Board of Directors

Section 1: Responsibilities

The Board of Directors is the legal governing body of TPSA. The primary functions of the Board of Directors are to set policy related to program, personnel, and fiscal matters and to be responsible for sound management. TPSA's Executive Director serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. The board receives and acts upon the recommendations of the President of the Executive Council relative to the management of personnel, program, and fiscal matters. 

Section 2: Vacancy

Upon the resignation of a member of the Board of Directors, a new member shall be appointed by the Board of Directors and approved by the Executive Council. 

Article 9: Executive Council

Section 1: Responsibilities

The duties of the Executive Council Members are as follows:

  • The President shall preside over all TPSA business meetings. The President is responsible for coordinating with the Board of Directors to ensure the Mission and Purpose of TPSA are carried out. If a vote is tied, the President's vote will count twice. 
  • The Vice President of Leadership shall work directly with the Vice President of Regional Representatives to fulfill the role of the President during the President's absence. Directly responsible for the election (annually) and monthly meetings of the Student Board President and Student Board Regional Representatives. Responsible for maintaining up-to-date Student Board bylaws. Will work directly with the Leadership Conference Coordinator to ensure that all leadership conferences are planned and carried out per the TPSA mission and vision. 
  • The Vice President of Regions shall partner with the Vice President of Leadership to fulfill the roles of the President during the President's absence. The Vice President of Regions is responsible for the election and monthly meetings of the Regional Representatives. Will work directly with the Regional Representatives to ensure that all Regional competitions are planned and carried out per the TPSA mission and vision.
  • The Secretary will act as the Public Information Officer. Will record meeting minutes of all TPSA business meetings per TPSA guidelines. Will disseminate all TPSA official communications. Will work directly with Regional Representatives for further distribution of information.Will oversee Social Media Coordinator and all social media accounts, Judge and Volunteer Coordinator activities, and Membership and Recruitment Coordinator activities.  
  • The Treasurer will maintain TPSA financial accounts per policies the Chief Financial Officer set forth and as required by Federal and State reporting regulations. The Treasurer will ensure the organization complies with Federal and State laws of operation. Will work directly with the CFO to create a yearly budget. The Treasurer will provide monthly financial reports at business meetings, including expenditures and deposits.Will invoice and collect membership dues, leadership conference fees, and competition registration fees at the regional and state level. Will oversee awards, scholarships, and corporate sponsorships. Will oversee logistics, inventory acquisition and management.

Section 2: Vacancy

In the event of an Executive Council vacancy, the President may recommend a candidate they feel is competent for the position or leave it vacant until the next election. The recommendation will be presented to the Executive Council for a majority vote. The Board of Directors will approve/deny the candidate after a majority vote. In the event of a Presidential vacancy, one Vice President will serve as President for the remainder of the term, decided by a majority vote of the Executive Council. The New President may appoint a candidate they feel is competent for the Vice President position. The recommendation will be presented to the Executive Council, and a majority vote will occur. The Board of Directors will approve/deny the candidate by majority vote.  

Section 3: Election

A member may be allowed to serve in a consecutive office term if re-elected at the end of their term and if their name is on the election ballot. If no one is elected President, the Board of Directors may appoint an interim President until a new election can be held. Outgoing Executive Council members may not appoint an unfilled board position. 

Section 4: Meetings

The Executive Council will conduct a mandatory meeting each summer for all elected and appointed members. The date(s), time and location shall be published 60 days before the meeting. Regular board meetings shall be held throughout the year. These meetings may occur in person or remotely. Any Executive Council member may call a meeting as the need arises. All meetings, except the mandatory summer meeting, shall be announced no less than 72 hours before the meeting. 

Article 10: Regional Representatives

Section 1: Responsibilities

Regional Representatives shall act as a liaison between the region they represent and TPSA leadership. Disseminate information about TPSA business to the region they represent under the guidance of the TPSA Secretary. Responsible for securing a host school/location for Regional Competition by preset dates. Are responsible for assisting the host school with competition-related needs such as; hotel blocks, event set up, policy enforcement, judge acquisition, supply acquisition, final scoring, and award distribution. Shall create schedules for Regional Competition in the Competition Registration System. May create a regional committee to assist with competition activities. Will fulfill State Competition responsibilities as delegated by TPSA leadership regardless of current students' competition status. Will work collaboratively with all members of TPSA leadership and regional school advisors. 

Section 2: Vacancy

In the event of a Regional Representative vacancy, the Vice President of Regions may select an eligible candidate and present them to the Executive Council for approval by a majority vote. The Board of Directors will then approve/deny the candidate by a majority vote. If no Regional Representative is appointed to the vacant position, the Executive Council is responsible for ensuring that all Regional business is carried out per the TPSA mission and vision. Any region starting the school year with a representative vacancy may be divided among other regions for competition. 

Section 3: Meetings

Regional Representatives will attend monthly meetings with the Vice President of Regions. 

Article 11: Membership

Section 1: Chapter Membership

Membership is attained when a school applies for membership per TPSA policy. Only one Chapter per school shall be permitted. Law Enforcement, Public Safety Explorers Post, or their representatives are not eligible for a Chapter.

Section 2: Member Membership

Who are members

  • Students: Any student enrolled in the 8th-12th grades who is a paid active member of a TPSA chapter.
  • Advisors: Any faculty member who is a paid active member of a TPSA chapter and teaches a TEA LPS Course.
  • Any person serving on the Board of Directors, Executive Council, Regional Representatives, or Organization Staff.

Any person who does not meet the above qualifications is prohibited from serving in an advisor capacity at any TPSA activity.

Section 3.

Only members in good standing with TPSA can participate in TPSA activities. Good standing is defined as follows:

  • Membership dues paid in full
  • Competition fees paid in full
  • Currently not under TPSA suspension
  • Students must be in compliance with TEA No Pass/No Play Policies

Section 4: Code of Conduct

TPSA Members/Chapters will adhere to representing TPSA professionally and ethically. No member may negatively compromise TPSA. TPSA reserves the right to remove, suspend or place a member/chapter on probation for conduct the Executive Council or Board of Directors deems as a violation of the TPSA Code of Conduct. 

Article 12: Brand Guidelines

TPSA shall be recognized throughout all print mediums per the brand guidelines outlined on the TPSA website. The brand guidelines may not be amended without the Board of Directors' approval. The Board of Directors' approval must be obtained for any brand usage outside the organization's normal business operations. 

Article 13: Amendments

Articles in the TPSA bylaws may be amended or expunged during any official business meeting of the Board of Directors and the Executive Council. A majority vote of those present shall pass amendments at the meeting. 

Article 14: Oath of Office

Newly and currently elected or appointed officials taking office for the following term shall take the following oath of Office as a part of their acceptance to the position:

"I, (State Your Name), duly elected by the members of the Texas Public Safety Association to the Office of (Office), do solemnly agree (or affirm) that I will support the bylaws and Code of Conduct of the Texas Public Safety Association. I agree to execute this Office's duties faithfully and uphold the Mission and Purpose of the Texas Public Safety Association. I understand that if needed, I may be asked to step down and grant someone else the opportunity to fulfill my role."

Incoming Board Members will take the Oath of Office during the State Competition Closing Ceremony. The Oath shall be administered by the outgoing President or Vice President of this Organization. The President or Vice President will administer any newly appointed officer after the State Competition the oath.


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