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Minimum Criteria

Competitors/Teams that dont meet these minimum criterion may still participate in and complete their event, be scored, and receive feedback but are disqualified from awards, ranking, and placement.

Judges must circle MET or DQ for each item.

Competitor MUST provide the printed TPSA citationMetDQ
CriteriaScore RangeJudgeTotalGrand Total

Radio Procedures

Notification of stop to dispatch0 - 5
Use0 - 5
Clarity0 - 5
Advised dispatch appropriate vehicle information/description0 - 5
Radio Procedures Total

Emergency Equipment

Utilized Emergency Lighting0 - 1
Emergency Equipment Total

Vehicle Approach

Exited the vehicle in a timely manner after notification of stop0 - 5
Safe approach to vehicle on initial contact0 - 5
Checked to make sure trunk was closed0 - 5
Vehicle Approach Total

Violator Contact

Officer requested proper documents from the violator0 - 5
Officer’s verbal contact was clear and understandable0 - 5
Officer identified him/herself0 - 5
Officer advised the violator of the reason for the stop0 - 5
Officer had the violator keep hands in view at all times0 - 5
Proper officer temperament0 - 5
Violator Contact Total

Return to Patrol Vehicle

Safe return to patrol vehicle0 - 5
Proper radio contact with dispatch0 - 5
Requested driver’s license check0 - 5
Requested warrants check0 - 5
Requested vehicle return0 - 5
Return to Patrol Vehicle Total


Completion0 - 5
Accuracy0 - 5
Legibility0 - 5
Citation Total

Re-approach to Violator Vehicle

Safe approach to vehicle0 - 5
Explained the citation to violator0 - 5
Had violator sign citation and explained the signature is not an admission of guilt0 - 5
Re-approach to Violator Vehicle Total


Officer maintain weapon safety (gun side away) during violator contact0 - 5
Officer minimize his/her exposure during violator contact0 - 5
Officer checked his/her surroundings for safety during entire event0 - 5
Safety Total


Safe return to patrol vehicle0 - 5
Advised dispatcher of disposition0 - 5
Officer was courteous during the entire stop0 - 5
Conclusion Total

Grand Total

151 Possible Points

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