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Traffic Stop

Updated on April 1st, 2023
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This is an individual event. Competitors will simulate a traffic stop related to a misdemeanor traffic violation. Students will utilize one (1) patrol vehicle to conduct a traffic stop on a violator vehicle in the simulation. Students will demonstrate their skills through proper radio communications, verbal commands and execute the traffic stop based upon contemporary applicable skills. The event will be timed and evaluated according to the event guidelines. To encourage students to develop the skill sets, communication skills and safety precautions required by police officers as they conduct a traffic stop. Students will be able to demonstrate safety skills, proper communication, to include de-escalation techniques, professional interpersonal skills and the completion of a traffic citation.

Dress Code

Competitors shall wear a uniform consistent with current standards in law enforcement patrol as defined in TPSA policies. The student shall wear a duty belt throughout the duration of this event.


Team Limit
# Teams per Chapter


  • Photo Identification qt. 1

    Reference https://tpsa.info/policies for more information

  • Black Ink Pen qt. 1
  • Clipboard (For Citations) qt. 1
  • TPSA Citation qt. 1

    (located on website)


  • Competitors in this event must be active members of the Texas Public Safety Association and in good standing with the Texas Public Safety Association.
  • Competitors must be familiar with and adhere to the Texas Public Safety Association Bylaws and Code of Conduct.
  • Plagiarism, copyright violation and falsification of information are prohibited. Any attempt to gain an unfair advantage will not be tolerated. Violation of the code of conduct or bylaws will result in disqualification and revocation of Texas Public Safety Association membership.
  • The scenario is a secret topic. Professional ethics demand that competitors DO NOT discuss or reveal the secret topic until after the event has concluded. Violation of the ethics rules will result in disqualification and revocation of Texas Public Safety Association membership.
  • The room monitor will set a timer for ten(10) minutes. Upon the call of start the moderator will start the timer and the competitor will contact dispatch to advise of the traffic stop.
  • The room moderator will call “time” when the 10 minute timer sounds. Competitors who have not completed the traffic stop when time is called will receive a “DNF/DQ”. Teams who receive a “DNF/DQ” will place behind teams who complete the event in the allotted time period. Teams who receive a “DNF/DQ” shall not advance to state competition regardless of the amount of teams participating in the competition.
  • Students will be judged on proper radio procedures, officer safety, weapons safety, officer/citizen contact, accuracy and thoroughness of completed citation.
  • There will be 1 actor (suspect) and the scenario will remain constant for each competitor.
  • A physical address or description and the offense will be provided to each competitor so they can relay proper information to dispatch
  • Judge(s) have final decision on all judging criteria
  • All vehicles will be put in place, no student is allowed to operate any of the vehicles.
  • This event will not require the actor to exit the vehicle.
  • Failure to bring a TPSA citation will result in DQ.


  1. Competitor(s)/Team(s) will report to their respective event when called for or at a set reporting time.
  2. Competitor(s)/Team(s) must check in with event management upon arrival and present photo identification for verification.
  3. Competitor(s)/Team(s) will be directed (by room moderator) into the event room.
  4. Instructions will be given (by room moderator) to the Competitor(s)/Team(s).
  5. The Judge will brief each student on the scenario, providing a good physical address students can use during radio communications.
  6. Upon the call of “start” the competitor will contact dispatch.
  7. Competitors will conduct the traffic stop and time will end once the competitor has advised dispatch of their disposition.
  8. Competitors will return to their staging area once the event has concluded.

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