(Particpant ID / Member ID / Team ID)
Chapter Name/Number
Judge NameJudge Phone
CriteriaScore RangeJudgeTotalGrand Total


Ability to eliminate any threats0 - 5
Priority of fire (being online)0 - 5
Teammates communicated properly with each other during entire scenario0 - 5
Officers covered for each other0 - 5
Muzzling/Lasering any operator, evaluator, or spectator0 - 5
No placing finger in trigger well outside of target engagement0 - 5
Safety Total


Use of appropriate tactics to contain the problem0 - 5
Teammates smoothly worked together (all participated)0 - 5
Tactically effected a surrender0 - 5
Determines if anyone is in harm's way (victims vs suspects)0 - 5
Appropriate shoot/don’t shoot decisions0 - 5
Technique Total

Apprehension Technique

Use of appropriate verbal commands0 - 5
Verbal commands were understandable0 - 5
Searched suspect(s) appropriate for tactical operation0 - 5
Properly secures any weapons0 - 5
All handcuffs used were double locked0 - 1
Apprehension Technique Total

Operation Conclusion

Designated team leader reports in custody details (male/female, number)0 - 5
Designated team leader advised the scene was secure in order to stop time0 - 5
Operation Conclusion Total

Grand Total

86 Possible Points

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