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Chapter Name/Number
Judge NameJudge Phone
CriteriaScore RangeJudgeTotalGrand Total


Great support with no repetition or redundancy.0 - 5
Long enough to provide the facts of the case.0 - 5
Report is clear and concise.0 - 5
Organization Total

Accurate Facts

Correct suspect(s) description.0 - 5
Correct victim(s) description.0 - 5
Correct complaint/offense.0 - 5
Accurate Facts Total


Reports all evidence that is pertinent to the case in a relevant manner.0 - 5
Evidence is described with proper terminology.0 - 5
Indicates whether the evidence was collected, if so describes what the officer did with the evidence.0 - 5
Evidence Total


Correct spelling is used.1 - 5
Proper grammar and punctuation.1 - 5
Grammar Total

Overall Quality

The completed report accurately provides all details of the involved subjects, offense committed, evidence seized/obtained and actions taken by the officer. Answers the questions of who, what, when, where and how.1 - 5
Overall Quality Total


File is properly named: LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_SCHOOLNAME0 - 10
Submission Total

Grand Total

70 Possible Points

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