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Competitors will complete the provided application at the end of this document for the supplied job posting, create a one (1) page resume, participate in a five (5) minute interview, and complete a ten (10) minute written multiple choice skills test. The purpose of the Job Interview event is to provide LPSCS students an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to acquire a job from start to finish.

Dress Code

Competitors shall be dressed in official Business Professional attire. (See Policies for more information)

Individuals Information

Team Limit
# Individuals per Chapter


Competitors are required to provide the following materials for the duration of the competitive event. Additionally, no additional materials may be used that are not in the material list.

  • Photo Identification qt. 1

    Reference for more information

  • Manila Folder qt. 1

    (Name and School written on folder)

  • Printed One Page Factual Resume qt. 1
  • Printed Application qt. 1


  • Competitors in this event must be active members of the Texas Public Safety Association and in good standing with the Texas Public Safety Association.
  • Competitors must be familiar with and adhere to the Texas Public Safety Association Bylaws and Code of Conduct.
  • Plagiarism, copyright violation and falsification of information are prohibited. Any attempt to gain an unfair advantage will not be tolerated. Violation of the code of conduct or bylaws will result in disqualification and revocation of Texas Public Safety Association membership.
  • The interview is a secret topic. Professional ethics demand that competitors DO NOT discuss or reveal the interview until after the event has concluded. Violation of the ethics rules will result in disqualification and revocation of Texas Public Safety Association membership.
  • Competitors will assume that they meet the minimum requirements for the job posting. This information is the only information that is allowed to be fictional on your resume and application.
  • Resumes must be brought to regional/state conference.
  • Applications must be brought to regional/state conference.
  • The top three (3) competitors with a score above 150pts from each region will advance to state. Three (3) competitors per region is not a requirement, there may be less than three (3) competitors.


  1. Before regional conference, competitors will create a typed one (1) page factual resume along with a typed completed application. Competitors will turn in their resume and application to the event moderator. Nothing handwritten will be scored.
  2. Competitor(s)/Team(s) will interview for the job posting at their respective Regional and State conference.
  3. Competitor(s)/Team(s) will report to their respective event when called for or at a set reporting time.
  4. Competitor(s)/Team(s) must check in with event management upon arrival and present photo identification for verification.
  5. Competitor(s)/Team(s) will be directed (by room moderator) into the interview room.
  6. Instructions will be given (by room moderator) to the Competitor(s)/Team(s).
  7. The room moderator will set a timer for five (5) minutes.
  8. When the moderator starts the timer and calls “start”, the interview will begin.
  9. The moderator will call “time” when the five (5) minute timer sounds.
  10. Immediately following the interview Competitor(s)/Team(s) will be directed by event assistants into the Testing room to complete a ten (10) minute test consisting of fifteen (15) questions.
  11. The testing room will have two (2) competitors in the room at a time offset by five (5) minutes. Two (2) timers will be used, one (1) for each competitor.
  12. The testing proctor will set a timer for ten (10) minutes for that competitor.
  13. When the proctor starts the timer and calls “start”, the Competitor(s)/Team(s) may begin testing.
  14. The proctor will call “time” when the ten (10) minute timer sounds.
  15. The competitor will leave the testing room.


  • Event Managerqt. 1
  • Room Moderatorqt. 2
  • Proctor(s) for Testingqt. 1
  • Judgeqt. 1
  • Event Assistantqt. 1


  • Chair qt. 7

    3 chairs for INTERVIEW 4 chairs for TESTING

  • Table qt. 4

    1 table for INTERVIEW 3 tables ( Tester,Tester, Moderator) for TESTING

  • Copies of tests provided by TPSA board. qt. 1

    for TESTING


  • Classroom or large flex area Indoor

    FOR INTERVIEW: Classroom or flex area large enough to accommodate competitors, judges, room moderator and tables.

  • Classroom or large flex area Indoor

    FOR TESTING: Classroom or flex area large enough to accommodate competitors, judges, room moderator and tables.

Event Name
Job Interview
Point BasedHighest Score Wins
Required Criteria


Competitors/Teams must meet the following minimum criteria. Failure to meet criteria will result in disqualification.

Experience MUST meet the minimum requirement for Job Posting
Must be Punctual for Appointment during Interview
Percentage Grade MUST be above 70% in Evaluation (Test)


Correct Capitalization03
Correct Spelling03

APPLICATION - Completion

Minus one (1) point for each incomplete field.020

RESUME - Appearance/Style

Fills page, not crowded.03
Consistent in front style and layout.03
Structure has clear purpose.03

RESUME - Category Selection

Choice of subject headers is excellent.03
Most important items are listed on the top half.03
Categories selected include enough information within each to substantiate the need for the heading.03

RESUME - Experience

Appropriate experience listed with organization name, title, dates, and location.03
Sentence fragments are concise, direct, and accomplishment oriented; strong verbs and appropriate verb tense is used.03
Results are quantified03
Listed in reverse chronological order03

RESUME - Education

Degree and major are listed with graduation month and year, name and location of school. (deduct 1 point per missing item of information)05
Honors and Scholarships are included here or in their own section if more appropriate.03

RESUME - Typos/Spelling Errors

Minus one (1) point per capitalization, spelling, or grammar error.010

RESUME - Additional Sections: Ex. Skills/Activities

Included additional section with relevant, well organized, and easy to understand information.03
If appropriate, leadership roles and related activities are indicated.0

INTERVIEW - Greeting

Eye contact02
Confident and Poised02

INTERVIEW - Appearance

Professional Shirt02
Professional Pants/Skirt02
Professional Shoes02
Clean Face01
Clean Hands01
Clean Fingernails01

INTERVIEW - Skill Presentation

Provided clear and concise answer for each question04
Competitor "sells" their skills04
The competitor appears knowledgeable about the position they are applying for03
The competitor references items on their resume04
The competitor comes across as a "can-do" team player04

INTERVIEW - Delivery and Language

The competitor uses proper language and enunciates their responses04
The competitor is professional, and mature throughout the interview04
The competitor answers questions with appropriate wait time04
The competitor avoids distracting mannerisms and phrases? (“ums”, tapping, hair twirling, etc.)04


Points (100 points total)0100

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