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Chapter Name/Number
Judge NameJudge Phone
CriteriaScore RangeJudgeTotalGrand Total

Initial Search

Approaches Inmate in a safe manner0 - 5
Removes handcuffs from inmate in a safe manner0 - 5
Searches Inmate in a sensible manner0 - 5
Initial Search Total

Property Inventory

Safely retrieves belongings from inmate0 - 5
Secures any weapons found0 - 5
Properly filled out inventory form0 - 5
Property Inventory Total

Fingerprinting Inmate

Fills out Fingerprint Card correctly and neatly0 - 5
Safely handles inmate to fingerprint0 - 5
Takes a clear set of fingerprints0 - 5
Cleans area making ready for next inmate0 - 5
Fingerprinting Inmate Total

Grand Total

50 Possible Points

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