Updated on September 4th, 2022
Event Name
Foot Pursuit
Point BasedHighest Score Wins
Required Criteria


Competitors/Teams must meet the following minimum criteria. Failure to meet criteria will result in disqualification.

Competitor arrested the correct suspect
Competitor did not loose personal weapon
Competitor did not loose handcuffs and had handcuffs for the event

First Section

Judge #1

Competitor responds with proper radio procedures05
Competitor advises that he/she is in pursuit of the suspect05
Competitor relays the proper suspect information and direction of travel05
Competitor requests additional units for assistance05
Competitor uses clear verbal commands for the suspect to stop05
Competitor safely clears corner #105

Second Section

Judge #2

Competitor safely clears corner #205
Competitor orders the suspect to a prone or kneeling position05
Competitor’s commands to the suspect are clear05
Competitor approached the suspect in a safe manner to handcuff05
Competitor double locked handcuffs01

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