This event will consist of competitors being given a pre-determined medical or trauma scenario of a simulated emergency scene. The scenario will be designed to test the proper skills of scene assessment, safety, patient assessment, first aid application and CPR/AED demonstration. The performance will be evaluated according to the event guidelines. To encourage students to develop the skills necessary for responding to a medical emergency as a Firefighter First Responder as they would do in a real world practical application.

Participant Limit Information

Registration Limit
# Individuals per Chapter

Dress Code

Competitors shall wear tactical/cargo/BDU style pants (no shorts) and a shirt (t-shirts are allowed for this event if they represent firefighting, first responder or the competitor's school club). Competitors shall wear solid black tennis shoes or boots.


Competitors are required to provide the following materials for the duration of the competitive event. No additional materials may be used that are not in the material list.

  • Photo Identification qt. 1

    Reference https://tpsa.info/policies for more information

  • CPR/ First training certification card qt.
  • First Responder medical bag with appropriate industry supplies qt. 1
  • Gloves qt. 1
  • BVM qt. 1
  • Bandages and dressings qt. 1
  • Training Tourniquet qt. 1
  • Training or non functional portable radio qt. 1
  • Training epinephrine pen qt. 1

    (talking pens not allowed)


  • Competitors in this event must be active members of the Texas Public Safety Association and in good standing with the Texas Public Safety Association.
  • Competitors must be familiar with and adhere to the Texas Public Safety Association Bylaws and Code of Conduct.
  • Plagiarism, copyright violation and falsification of information are prohibited. Any attempt to gain an unfair advantage will not be tolerated. Violation of the code of conduct or bylaws will result in disqualification and revocation of Texas Public Safety Association membership.
  • This is an individual event. Schools are allowed a maximum of three (3) competitors.
  • The same scenario will be used for all competitors. The scenario will be of a person over the age of sixteen (16).
  • There is a maximum time limit of ten (10) minutes for this event.
  • The competitor will be disqualified if they exceed the time limit.
  • Competitors may not ask any questions once the event begins. However, the Judge may provide direction during the scenario such as: Patient heartbeat, gag reflex, continued bleeding, etc.
  • Competitors must be certified in Basic First Aid and CPR. Competitors are required to show an unexpired certification card to the Event Moderator.
  • In the event of a tie score, the Judge will break the tie based on best safety practices.
  • At no time shall CPR be attempted on a live actor nor shall an AED be used on a live actor. If CPR and/or an AED is needed the acts shall be performed on a CPR Dummy or Mannequin which will assume the role of the human actor.


  1. Competitor will report to their respective event when called for or at a set reporting time.
  2. Competitor must check in with event management upon arrival and present photo identification for verification.
  3. Competitor will be directed (by event moderator) into the event location.
  4. The competitor will show their unexpired Basic First Aid and CPR certification card to the Moderator. Competitors will not be allowed to continue to the event if they are unable to show their certification card at this time.
  5. Instructions will be given (by event moderator) to the Competitor just outside the event area..
  6. The Judge will be inside the event area when the Competitor enters.
  7. The event begins when the Competitor enters the event area.
  8. Competitor will evaluate the scene and respond appropriately.
  9. The event ends when the Competitor verbally advises the Judge he/she has completed all necessary tasks.

Staff Instructions


  • Judgeqt. 3
  • Managerqt. 1
  • Moderatorqt. 1
  • Actorqt. 1


  • Large Area indoor/outdoor

    This event may be held in a room large enough to accommodate three people and the event scenario. The event may also be held outdoors on a solid ground surface and flat as to not create an increased level of difficulty or safety hazard for the competitors. (examples: athletic gyms, cafeterias, and common areas are acceptable locations for this event. Areas with sand, mud, or unlevel ground are unacceptable)


  • CPR Dummy or Mannequin qt. 1
  • Training AED qt. 1
  • Timer qt. 1
  • Rubric/Score Sheets qt. 1
  • Writing Utensil qt. 1

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