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Chapter Name/Number
Judge NameJudge Phone
CriteriaScore RangeJudgeTotalGrand Total

Team Function

One officer in charge0 - 1
Proper delegation of responsibilities to other officer on the team0 - 1
Each officer knew his/her role on the team and in the scenario0 - 1
Officers worked well as a team0 - 5
Team Function Total

Command Presence

Officers effectively and professionally communicated with suspects/ witnesses0 - 5
Officers knew what to do and took confident action0 - 5
Command Presence Total

Interview Process

Witness(es) were properly identified0 - 5
Suspect(s) were properly identified0 - 5
Complainant(s) were properly identified/noted0 - 5
Officers asked thorough questions to elicit responses about the incident.0 - 5
Officers separated witness(es) and suspect(s).0 - 5
Officers properly applied handcuffs when necessary and double locked them.0 - 5
Interview Process Total

Team/Officer Safety

Officers maintained visual contact with suspects and witnesses (didn’t allow them to leave their sight).0 - 5
Proper personal officer safety used at all times (gun side away and prepared for necessary action).0 - 5
Officers controlled suspects, not allowing them to place hands out of officers view.0 - 5
Officers secured and cleared any weapons. (Clearing must be articulated)0 - 5
Scene was checked for safety.0 - 5
Team/Officer Safety Total

Officer in Charge Communication with Judge

Officer in Charge relays arrest/non arrest decision to judge.0 - 5
Officer in Charge is able to recount scenario details to judge accurately.0 - 5
Officer in Charge relays probable cause for arrest (if made).0 - 5
Officer in Charge relays the proper offense for arrest (if made).0 - 5
Officer in Charge Communication with Judge Total

Grand Total

93 Possible Points

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