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Chapter Name/Number
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Minimum Criteria

Competitors/Teams that dont meet these minimum criterion may still participate in and complete their event, be scored, and receive feedback but are disqualified from awards, ranking, and placement.

Judges must circle MET or DQ for each item.

Team Members Must Put On Proper Safety Equipment (Gloves)MetDQ
CriteriaScore RangeJudgeTotalGrand Total

First Responding Officer Interview (Judge 1 - Practical Exercise)

Team Members Question The First Responding Officer0 - 5
Team Ensures That The Search Is Legal0 - 1
Team Ensures Ancillary Agencies Have Been Notified (Medical Examiner, Ems, Etc.)0 - 5
Team Request Ancillary Agency Response (If Applicable)0 - 1
First Responding Officer Interview Total

Securing the Crime Scene (Judge 1 - Practical Exercise)

Entry/ Exit Log Created0 - 5
Crime Scene Boundaries Are Clearly/ Properly Established0 - 5
Securing the Crime Scene Total

Crime Scene Search (Judge 1 - Practical Exercise)

Preliminary Search Conducted Without Disruption of Evidence/Scene0 - 5
Search Pattern Determined And Judge Notified Of Selection0 - 1
Thorough Search Conducted: All Pertinent Evidence Found, Flagged, And Documented By Team0 - 5
Crime Scene Search Total

Evidence Collection And Packaging (Judge 1 - Practical Exercise)

Evidence Item Is Handled Correctly By Collector0 - 5
Collected Evidence Is Placed In Proper Container Based On Size And Type Of Evidence0 - 5
Evidence Container Is Properly Sealed0 - 5
Evidence Collection And Packaging Total

Safety / Contamination Control (Judge 1 - Practical Exercise)

Team Members Donned New Gloves Between Handling Items Of Evidence0 - 5
Evidence Collection Tools Properly Cleaned/ Sanitized Prior To Use0 - 5
All Investigative Trash Removed From The Crime Scene0 - 1
Safety / Contamination Control Total

Release Of Crime Scene (Judge 1 - Practical Exercise)

Crime Scene Tape Removed And Discarded0 - 1
Release Of Crime Scene Total

Securing The Crime Scene (Judge 2 - Documentation)

Entry/ Exit Log Completed0 - 5
Securing The Crime Scene Total

Crime Scene Documentation-Sketch (Judge 2 - Documentation)

Crime Scene Sketch Is Legible0 - 5
Room/Area Measurements Are Properly Taken And Recorded0 - 5
Evidentiary Items Are Placed In Sketch With Necessary Measurements0 - 5
Compass Direction (N) Identified On Sketch0 - 1
Fixed Reference Points Are Noted0 - 5
Legend0 - 5
Pertinent Agency/ Case Information Notated On Sketch0 - 5
Crime Scene Documentation-Sketch Total

Crime Scene Documentation- Photography (Judge 2 - Documentation)

Completed Photo Log With Pertinent Agency/Case Information Notated0 - 5
1 Exterior Photograph Of Crime Scene Entrance With Case # Placard0 - 5
1-4 Interior Photographs Showing The Entire Crime Scene W/Overlap0 - 5
1 Mid Range Photograph Of Evidence Item To Be Collected0 - 5
1 Close Up Photograph Of Evidence Item To Be Collected W/Marker And W/O Scale0 - 5
1 Close Up Photograph Of Evidence Item To Be Collected W/Scale0 - 5
Photographs Depict Crime Scene And Evidence As It Appeared Upon Arrival Of Investigators (No Evidence Moved Prior To Photographs)0 - 5
Crime Scene Documentation- Photography Total

Evidence Collection And Packaging (Judge 2 - Documentation)

Evidence Container Is Properly Labeled (All Relevant Case Information Provided)0 - 5
Evidence Log Completed0 - 5
Evidence Collection And Packaging Total

Officer Interview/ Crime Scene Notes (Judge 2 - Documentation)

Organized and legible0 - 5
Officer Interview/ Crime Scene Notes Total

Grand Total

146 Possible Points

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