This event will consist of an activation of the cell extraction team after an inmate has refused to comply with detention officers in a jail setting. The event will utilize a six (6) person team, with each member having designated duties as described below. The team will be required to deescalate the situation and safely extract the inmate from the cell. The performance will be timed and evaluated according to the event guidelines. Competitors will be able to effectively demonstrate an activation of the cell extraction team. This event will allow each member of the team to demonstrate their specific responsibility on the team. Higher-order thinking skills will be incorporated as appropriate to control the inmate and maintain the safety of the officers. The event will help students develop skill sets that will challenge them in real-world law enforcement scenarios

Team Size/Limit Information

Team Size
# Competitors per Team
Registration Limit
# Teams per Chapter

Dress Code

Competitors shall wear a uniform consistent with current standards in law enforcement (including tactical operations, however a training firearm is not allowed). Competitors shall wear matching gear.


Competitors are required to provide the following materials for the duration of the competitive event. No additional materials may be used that are not in the material list.

  • Photo Identification qt. 1

    Reference https://tpsa.info/policies for more information

  • Handcuffs qt. 1
  • Leg Irons qt. 1
  • Riot Shield qt. 1


  • Competitors in this event must be active members of the Texas Public Safety Association and in good standing with the Texas Public Safety Association.
  • Competitors must be familiar with and adhere to the Texas Public Safety Association Bylaws and Code of Conduct.
  • Plagiarism, copyright violation and falsification of information are prohibited. Any attempt to gain an unfair advantage will not be tolerated. Violation of the code of conduct or bylaws will result in disqualification and revocation of Texas Public Safety Association membership.
  • The scenario is a secret topic. Professional ethics demand that competitors DO NOT discuss or reveal the secret topic until after the event has concluded. Violation of the ethics rules will result in disqualification and revocation of Texas Public Safety Association membership.
  • Position responsibilities as follows: Team Leader - Verbal Commands and signals entrance of team First Position - Shield guard Second Position - Left Arm/body Third Position - Right Arm/body Fourth Position - Left Leg/body Fifth Position - Right Leg/body
  • A fifteen (15) minute maximum time limit has been set for the scenario. Timing will begin when the moderator advises the team leader to begin.
  • Time will stop when the team has removed the inmate from the cell and placed him/her in the designated area.
  • Competitors will be stopped at the end of the fifteen (15) minute time limit if the inmate has not been placed in the designated area.
  • If a team has not successfully placed the inmate in the designated area within the fifteen (15) minute time frame, the team will receive a “Did Not Finish” (DNF) and be disqualified (DQ).
  • The Team Leader must first reasonably attempt to gain compliance with the inmate prior to advising the team to enter the cell and use force.
  • Teams are prohibited from breaking glass, windows, doors, etc, during the event. Such activity will result in a DQ and the competitor’s school being responsible for any damages.
  • Flash bangs, live munitions, or any type of projectiles are prohibited during the event. Use of any of these items will result in a DQ and the competitor’s school being responsible for any damages.
  • Teams are prohibited from causing injury to any of the actors, this will result in a DQ.
  • Unusual assaults or tactics may not be used during the event, if the team is unsure they should consult the Judge before the event begins.
  • In the event the “Index” command is given by any judge or event supervisor, all competitors will immediately stop what they are doing and await further instruction.
  • Ties are not allowed, Judge’s decision is final.


  1. Competitor(s)/Team(s) will report to their respective event when called for or at a set reporting time.
  2. Competitor(s)/Team(s) must check in with event management upon arrival and present photo identification for verification.
  3. Competitor(s)/Team(s) will be directed (by room moderator) into the event room.
  4. Instructions will be given (by room moderator) to the Competitor(s)/Team(s).
  5. The room moderator will set a timer for fifteen (15) minutes.
  6. When the moderator starts the timer and calls “start”, teams will begin their planning and execution of the event.
  7. The moderator will call “time” when the fifteen (15) minute timer sounds.

Staff Instructions


  • Judgeqt. 3
  • Managerqt. 1
  • Moderatorqt. 1
  • Actorqt. 1


  • Large Room or Jail Cell Indoor


  • Materials needed to create/represent a mock jail cell qt. 1
  • Timer qt. 1
  • Rubric/Score Sheets qt. 1
  • Writing Utensil qt. 1

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