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Chapter Name/Number
Judge NameJudge Phone

Minimum Criteria

Competitors/Teams that dont meet these minimum criterion may still participate in and complete their event, be scored, and receive feedback but are disqualified from awards, ranking, and placement.

Judges must circle MET or DQ for each item.

Must have all required equipmentMetDQ
Must not expose skin or clothingMetDQ
CriteriaPenalty# of InfractionsAwarded Penalty Seconds

Time Penalties

Competitors/Teams that meet the requirements of a penalty will have the penalty seconds added on to their time. Some penalties are added per infraction and some are single use.

Improperly connected closure device (Penalty Seconds added per Infraction)5 secs
Helmet flaps not down 5 secs
Chin strap not adjusted or in proper place 10 secs
Gloves improperly worn 10 secs
Suspenders not worn 10 secs
Suspenders exposed 5 secs
Hood not tucked in 5 secs
Hood not worn properly 5 secs
Collar not closed 5 secs
Collar not in up position 5 secs

Time Recorded

Millisecond Accuracy

Total Penalty


Total Score Time

Recorded Time + Penalty Time = Scored Time


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