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Chapter Name/Number
Judge NameJudge Phone

Minimum Criteria

Competitors/Teams that dont meet these minimum criterion may still participate in and complete their event, be scored, and receive feedback but are disqualified from awards, ranking, and placement.

Judges must circle MET or DQ for each item.

A team MUST successfully completed the search within the 15 minute time frame, IF NOT the team will receive a “Did Not Finish” (DNF) and be disqualified (DQ).MetDQ
CriteriaScore RangeJudgeTotalGrand Total

Advance on Point of Entry

Advised dispatch officers were on scene0 - 1
Use of cover0 - 5
Speed/Stealth0 - 5
Stairwell Technique (if applicable)0 - 5
Advance on Point of Entry Total

Room/Suspect Search

Room Entry (fluid/effective)0 - 5
Team Communication0 - 5
Movement through room (not too fast/slow)0 - 5
Suspect(s) located0 - 5
Searched suspect(s) appropriately0 - 5
All handcuffs used were double locked0 - 1
Room/Suspect Search Total

Techniques Used

Use of quick peek0 - 5
Cutting/Slicing the pie0 - 5
Use of flashlights0 - 5
Verbal Commands0 - 5
Verbal commands were understandable0 - 5
Techniques Used Total


Use of cover0 - 5
Control of Suspect(s)0 - 5
Officers covering for each other0 - 5
Muzzle safety/crossfire control0 - 5
Properly secures any weapon(s)0 - 5
Weapon(s) located0 - 5
Suspect(s) located0 - 5
Safety Total


Efficiency0 - 5
Authority0 - 5
Attitude0 - 5
Professionalism Total

Operation Conclusion

Advised dispatch and judge that the scene was secure/suspect(s) in custody0 - 1
Operation Conclusion Total

Grand Total

118 Possible Points

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