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Maintains complete, neat, and clean overall professional appearance0 - 1
Appearance Total

Call Documentation

Fluent Keyboarding Skills (able to key information at high rates of speed)0 - 1
Inputs Information while receiving it over the phone, while also conversing and questioning for more information.0 - 5
Inputs Information Accurately0 - 5
Working knowledge of call sheet0 - 1
Consistently spells correctly0 - 1
Uses appropriate words and correct tense0 - 1
Types pertinent, organized information clearly and concisely0 - 5
Call Documentation Total

Telephone Skills

Controls the caller with appropriate; voice tone, word selection, inflection, in response to what is said. Restores order in even the most trying situations through use of voice.0 - 5
Actively listens to obtain information without repeating questions0 - 5
Obtains necessary information in a minimum period of time, using sequential method of questioning and recording.0 - 5
Able to reason through even the most complex situations and is able to make appropriate conclusions.0 - 5
Proper Greeting: Answers call with professional greeting (911 what is the location of your emergency?))0 - 1
Keeps caller on the line when necessary0 - 5
When necessary provides safety directions/ instructions to the caller0 - 5
Advised the caller of intended response and advised possible ETA, even as questioning continues0 - 5
Allows caller to answer questions without interruption0 - 5
Accurately determined the location of the incident0 - 1
Used the caller's name when appropriate0 - 5
When appropriate obtains weapon information and location0 - 5
Obtains scene safety information from caller0 - 5
Obtains information regarding suspects and/or victims0 - 5
Telephone Skills Total

Position Performance

Maintains calm and self control in even the most extreme situations.0 - 5
Quickly restores control in the situation, and takes command.0 - 5
Determines the best course of action and takes the same.0 - 5
Provides appropriate assistance and/or service to the caller. Makes extra effort to assist the caller.0 - 5
Courteous, objective, communicates effectively0 - 5
Listens, shows interest, empathy, and relates to caller0 - 5
Position Performance Total

Grand Total

112 Possible Points

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