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04/03/2023 - 04/05/2023

Take the next steps to your future!

Johnnie Shepherd


[email protected]+1 (888) 301-TPSA ext: 201

Conference Registration

Register for the conference by reading the registration information and accessing the conference registration system. Click the button to register.

Volunteer Registration

Register volunteers for the conference by accessing the GivePulse registration system and following the instructions below.

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  • Marriott Dallas Allen Hotel & Convention Center
    777 Watters Creek Blvd,
    Allen, TX 75013

Recent News



March 16th, 2023

For the day and overnight car parking, Marriott property utilizes a mobile device payment system for parking. (Please see attached) Marriott has provided instructions and provided a code for the TPSA discount. Bus parking on property, as indicated below on a first come first served basis, is free for buses. Bus overflow parking is at 900 Guardians Way. Parking Map Bus Overflow


Advisor Workshops

March 15th, 2023

State Conference is just around the corner, and we are so excited to see you all there! This organization would not be possible without you, and to make it successful, we need your help! This year we are offering Advisor Workshops. These workshops will allow you to network with other advisors, voice your opinions on the rubrics, and even suggest new events for the students to compete in. In addition to the focus area workshops, we will offer a workshop covering Student Leadership. This workshop will focus on a Leadership Conference we are planning to offer in the fall for each region. This will give you a chance to make suggestions on what you and your students would want to learn at the Leadership Conference. Please make plans to attend one or all of these workshops! Click here to see the state agenda.


Student Board and Ambassadors

February 27th, 2023

Please welcome and congratulate the newest TPSA Student Board and Ambassadors! Student Board Lilly Wong (1) Lindsay Eastman (2) Gael Gonzalez (5) Angela Regina Ovalle (5) Ambassadors Julia Dekarske (3) Mia Taylor (3) Bailee Watson (4) Braylin Miller (4) Aleyda Hernandez (4) Alexis Garcia  (4) Javier Ornelas (5) Ethan Salazar (6) Victoria Ramon  (6) Ayleen Zamarripa (6) Gavin Garza (7) Sisto Quiroz (8)


Student ID Reminders

February 27th, 2023

Remember that all competitors must present a valid, original, current photo ID issued by a city, state or federal government agency, or by the competitor's school, in order to check-in at the state conference manager table and be admitted to conference events. A few notes: School IDs must be for the 22-23 academic year and in a hard plastic card First and last name on any ID presented must match TPSA event registration The photo must be current and recognizable Government-issued passports are accepted If the competitor does not have an ID as listed above, a TPSA Competitor Identification Form can be completed for use at state conference check-in or their TPSA Membership Card. To use the membership card, the competitor should upload their photograph (headshot) to their myTPSA profile. Then, the competitor's advisor can print the competitor’s TPSA ID form by clicking the “PDF of All Membership Cards” button at the top on the “chapter” page of the myTPSA membership system. Printed photo ID membership cards may be used for identification at state conference check-in.


State Substitutions

February 27th, 2023

Remember to submit any substitution or drop requests by creating a Special Request in myTPSA.  Deadline for substitutions/drops is 3/13/23.  The deadline to submit emergency substitution requests is 3/29/23.  No requests will be considered after that date! A few reminders when submitting your request: Please select BOTH the old and new members of the substitute. In the notes, specify who is switching with whom in WHICH EVENT. Failure to specify in detail what is happening will result in denial. No more than 50% of any team may be substituted for State Competition. The substitutes must have attended and competed at a regional competition, not in the same event. Only emergency substitution requests will be considered after the close of registration. If you have questions, please contact Melissa Hollingsworth.  


State Competition Registration

February 27th, 2023

Registration for the 2023 State Conference is OPEN!!  Deadline to register is 3/13/23.  Details can be located here.  There is a step by step guide to help you with the registration process.   A couple of important points to remember as you register: You must go in and enter t-shirt sizes for all attendees. Submit any Substitution/Drop Requests by creating a special request. Volunteers are registered via GivePulse and NOT in the conference registration If you have any questions about registration, reach out to your Region Rep, or Melissa Hollingsworth.


We have made every effort to keep this schedule up to date. However, changes may be made which will be communicated via email.

Important Deadlines

Hotel Deadlines

3/13/2023Hotel Registration Deadline

Registration Deadlines

2/8/2023Conference Registration Opens
3/13/2023Conference Registration Closes
(except Region 1)
3/13/2023Volunteer Registration Deadline
(except Region 1)
3/15/2023Preliminary Schedule Released
(except Region 1)
3/27/2023Schedule Released
(subject to change)
3/29/2023Emergency Substitution Deadline

There is no late registration week.

Payment Deadlines

All payments must be received in full by mail or online by the below dates. TPSA will NOT accept purchase orders for State Competition. Contact the TPSA Treasurer for additional payment questions.

Region 1Hand Carried to Competition, flexible with payment due to turnaround time
Region 2-803/24/2023


This schedule is tentative and is subject to change. Preliminary individual event schedules will be posted on 03/15/2023. The closing ceremony start time depends on the finalizing of scores and may start later than 6:30 pm. Schools should not plan to return/drive back Wednesday night anytime before 11:00 pm.


To register for the state competition, login to the myTPSA system and find your State Conference Login information under your chapter where the regional login was.

  1. Login and access the State Conference System
    • You can find your login information in myTPSA how you found your regional login information. The login information for the state conference will be a different password than regionals.
  2. Confirm preloaded Student Registrations and Events.
  3. Enter T-shirt sizes for all attendees.
  4. Submit any Substitution/Drop Requests by Creating a Special Request in myTPSA.
    • Please select BOTH the old and new members of the substitute.
    • In the notes, specify who is switching with whom in WHICH EVENT.
    • Failure to specify in detail what is happening will result in denial.
    • No more than 50% of any team may be substituted for State Competition.
    • The substitutes must have attended and competed at a regional competition, not in the same event.
    • Only emergency substitution requests will be considered after the close of registration.
  5. Add any Advisors by clicking "Add Advisor"
  6. Add any Guests that are not already listed to your Registration by clicking on "Add Guest/Other"
  7. Volunteers will be registered via GivePulse Volunteer Registration System separately from the conference registration system. https://tpsa.info/volunteer
    1. Do not register volunteers in the conference system. Volunteers do NOT need to pay conference registration fees; all volunteers will receive shirts and meals.
  8. Submit Registration and Pay



  1. Registration for volunteers will be done via GivePulse Volunteer Registration System. To avoid penalties, you must have the volunteer enter their Chapter ID Number during registration.
  2. Navigate to https://tpsa.info/volunteer (GivePulse Registration System)
  3. Click Register
  4. Select 2 Shifts on 2 Different Days; please select Manager, Moderator, Assistant, and Actors shifts FIRST before the set-up shifts. This ensures we have enough volunteers for those as they are the priority. Scroll down and click continue.
  5. Enter the VOLUNTEER's information and EMAIL. You must enter the volunteer's name and email that is going.
  6. Fill out the additional information needed like shirt size, phone number, CHAPTER ID # and MEMBER ID #, etc.
  7. Then click complete registration. Repeat this process for each volunteer.


  • All schools must bring two volunteers, with at least one being an adult( 18 or older) volunteer.
  • Failure to bring two volunteers for the event will result in a $250 charge against your school.
  • To avoid penalty, volunteers must be registered in GivePulse with their Chapter ID before the deadline.
  • Failure to complete assigned/selected shifts will result in a $250 charge against your school.
  • Volunteers must be available for the duration of the event; shifts should be selected before the conference.
  • Schools must not have an outstanding balance with TPSA to compete. Failure to bring volunteers will result in an outstanding balance if the school does not pay the volunteer penalty with their registration.

We have now contracted with the Holiday Inn Express since the Hilton Garden Inn Dallas/Allen and Marriott are at capacity.


TPSA has partnered with the Marriott Dallas Allen, Hilton Garden Inn Dallas/Allen, and Holiday Inn Express to provide housing at a discounted rate to attendees. All attendees must stay at the Marriott Dallas Allen or Hilton Garden Inn Dallas/Allen for the event or Holiday Inn Express.

  • Schools within a 75-mile radius of the hotel are NOT required to book rooms at the conference.
  • Schools that fail to book rooms at the Marriott Dallas Allen hotel will not be permitted to compete. If the hotel cannot accommodate you, please get in touch with TPSA President Johnnie Shepherd to request an exemption.

How to Book Rooms

Advisors must arrange with the hotel by visiting their booking portal or calling. TPSA does not handle hotel reservations.

The TPSA block will be released to general public sales after March 13th (Marriott) and March 20th (Hilton). Any Late registrations/reservations are made at your own risk of rooms not being available at the group rate.

Holiday Inn Express

OnlineBook Online
Phone(972) 727-2000

Hilton Garden Inn Dallas/Allen

OnlineBook Online
Phone(214) 547-1700

Marriott Dallas Allen (No More Rooms)

Online (3 Rooms Max)Book Online
Phone(888) 890 3222
Email (Must provide detailed information required for booking)[email protected]


  • All hotel rooms booked include complimentary breakfast for their occupants.
  • Marriot Rate: $155/night/room
  • Hilton Rate: $139/night/room
  • Holiday Inn Rate: $119/night/room

Parking @ Marriott

BussesPlease contact Mildred ([email protected]) to coordinate bus parking.
All other vehicles$5/vehicleHotel Parking Garage

Parking at the Hilton and Holiday Inn is complimentary with the stay.


TPSA provides meals to paid attendees, volunteers, judges, and staff. Please see the below meal options for specific information. For help with dietary restrictions, please get in touch with [email protected].

Volunteers will only receive meals if registered via GivePulse; volunteers will receive lunch Tuesday/Wednesday and a hospitality room with drinks/snacks.
Breakfast All MorningsMarriott
Warm Food Option
Complimentary if a room is booked the night before

Hilton Garden Inn:
Continental Breakfast Buffet will be complimentary and included with the rate. Cook-to-Order Breakfast will be a $14.99 charge.
Complimentary if a room is booked the night before

Holiday Inn Express
Complimentary Hot Breakfast Daily
Tues/Wed LunchConcession-style entrée, chips, drink and cookie



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